Do you want to improve the surface roughness of the parts? 

The glass-bead blasting surface roughening process creates an excellent basis for painting preparation.
After prime coating by spraying the paint will adhere better to the surface and will be more time-proof. 

surface rughening

For the perfect surface!


Should the result of the paint-stripping not be perfect, it can be complemented by glass bead blasting. Then  there is no more rework needed on the part, but it can be repainted immediately.
A perfect solution for precision tools and parts. Glass bead blasting does not result in size reduction.

High precision removal of layers

Is scale, rust, contamination a trouble?


The procedure is suitable for the cleaning of corroded surfaces and for surface treatment before painting.
The velocity of blasting, the type and size of the particles depend on the part to be blasted.
You send us your sample,
we deliver the solution.

Sand blasting

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