White, yellow or black galvanizing

Line for alkaline galvanizing, allowing suspended and barrel type galvanizing.  
This method is suitable for the galvanizing of smaller parts manufactured in series and of large custom-machined parts as well. 
On demand also mass galvanizing for automotive suppliers is reachable

Chrome plating, copper palting, nickel plating 

decoration and tool chrome plating

We have automated chrome plating process for the chrome plating of suspended, mass production parts.   It is also suitable for the production of custom parts in a layer thickness range of  5-300 μm.


anodizing and painting

We have a state-of-the-art aluminum anodizing line. 
The layer thickness attainable is 5-35 μm. Anodizing is possible in natural color, but in case of ordering the anodizing of custom parts in high series  also other colors are available. 

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