Do you want to improve efficiency?
We work with worldclass 5 axis (simultaneous) vertical machining centers with the highest productivity.

Our new machines:
Mazak Integrex i-630V, Mazak VCN530, Mazak Integrex i-200ST, Mazak QT200MY

Our machining capabilities and know-how cover a wide range of materials, such as stainless steel, iron, brass, aluminum, titanium, special steels and industrial plastics.

Multi-tasking 5-axis MAZAK Workstations

You have a need Titanium, Non-Magnetic, Non-Magnetic Metal Parts for Cutting? 
We undertake the turning of wind turbine motors, gears, composite parts, medical device parts, auto parts manufacturing molds, spiral milling works.

We provide parts for:

Precision Cutting, milling, turning



• High precision workpiece manufacturing
• Increased efficiency, due to low machining and cycle times
• higher component accuracy
• Milling of medical components

Please inquire about the exact parts manufacturing parameters and dimensions.

INtegrex technology

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