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Blasting with some grainy substance
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A process of surface blasting using grainy materials

Removing contaminations from painted and stained metal surfaces, is performed in our facilities by free-jet and cabin blast-cleaning process. When cleaning the surface with grain blasting, steel chips or some other grainy material are air-sprayed onto the workpiece. Said process lends itself particularly well for the cleaning of corroded surfaces, and for surface treatment prior to painting. The speed of jet and the sort and grain size of materials are determined by the properties of the workpiece.

Grainy materials applied:

steel chips        steel shots        glass perls        sand

Steel chips
Field of application: Said material is used within blasting cabins and in high-duty free-jet type spraying equipment for general surface cleaning purposes, for the de-scaling and regenerative surface cleaning of basic materials.
Size: 0,1-1,7 mm
  • GH 60 HRC
  • GM 52-60 HRC
  • GN 45-52 HRC

Steel shots
Field of application: Cleaning and de-scaling of steel products, castings, profiles, sheets and plates.
Size: 0,2-2,4 mm
Hardness: 40-50 HRC

Field of application: Sand is known as one of the purest grainy material for blasting. It can also be used for the cleaning of coloured (non-ferrous) metals and noble metals.
Size: 0,15-1,0 mm

Glass perls
Glass perls are an ideal stuff to create high-grade surfaces. By applying the proper technology, glass perls are the very agent to treat delicate surfaces and precision components.
Size: 0-600 mm
Hardness: 5,5 Mohs


Blasting with some grainy substances

Do you have any problems with rust and cinder, as well as with paint residues?
By blasting the surface with metal grain, metal shot, glass pearl or sand, all these contaminations be optimally removed from all sorts of surfaces.

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