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Blasting with some grainy substance
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Works of new car parts

Works of new car parts

We offer our method developed for cleaning motor vehicle parts with paint coat defects to suppliers to the automotive industry mainly. The application of our procedure enables parts with paint coat defects to be re-used, after having undergone a multi-phase treatment. Our method consists of two phases, where in phase no. 1 defective parts undergo a treatment of dissolving the bulk of the paint coat from the surface, while in the 2nd phase the remainder of the paint is removed by glass pearl blasting, thereby completing the cleaning of those parts now ready to for being re-painted or surface-treated.

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Blasting with some grainy substances

Do you have any problems with rust and cinder, as well as with paint residues?
By blasting the surface with metal grain, metal shot, glass pearl or sand, all these contaminations be optimally removed from all sorts of surfaces.

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